Who We Are?

Proudly, we are a leading and pioneering national group and a distinguished house of expertise in tile field of air conditioning and refrigeration, whether with regards to design and manufacturing or to after-sale service. The group has a team of highly specialized engineers and technicians who are ready to provide their experience,even outside the scope of our production. We are manufactur­ ers of air-handling units, water chillers, cooling towers, fan coils and central air conditioning units.

Why We?

Our group has 3 key factors that give it force in its field of work:

1. Distinguished  and specialized  management
2. Professional team and staff
3. Management  of quality control and customers care

Our Vision:

To make our products  in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration comparable to the world products.

Our Mission:

To provide our customers with all the high quality world-class air conditioning and re­ frigeration products which are designed to work in the different operational conditions
of different environments,  we commit ourselves to ensure life long after-sale service, provided (hat the guarantee conditions and operation instructions of our systems are observed.

Our Begining:

Haji Abdul Ghani Al-Hafez & Mohammed Saeed, born in Homs 1927. Al-HAFEZ  GROUP started its activity in the mid-seventies  with the effort and the experience of Haji Abdul Ghani Hafez & Sons. The Group was specialized  in the production of air conditioning and refrigeration and had outlets for the sale of spare parts for cooling systems.
The Group included numerous companies that covered the most important provinces in the country and spread to neighboring countries.

Our Roots:

The development achieved by the Group necessitated a lot of changes and innovations. Its deep roots go back to the end of the thirties through the company founded  by the late Haji Mohammed Saeed Hafez and Sons (Mohammed lhsan, Mohammed Al Hasan and Abdul Ghani), which started its activities  in the city of Horns in trading in carpentry and cabs supplies. The company  started to gradually  change its activities  into trading  in auton. mobiles and their spare parts. In the early fifties and under the supervision  and expertiseof the late Haji Mohammad lhsan, the Company introduced to its business refrigerators merchandising, when it became an agent to Westinghouse. The Company  has acquired through the after-sale service which was provided to the customers experience that moti­ vated it to produce the first commercial refrigerator in 1957, which was followed by the manufacture of Arab ice cream refrigerator. At the beginning of the sixties, the first dome­ stic refrigerator was produced in the Middle East region in the name of Hafez —Admiral. The plant continued until it was nationalized and its name was changed into Bloudan.

Our Development:

As every living thing grows, our plants grew into factories and we began to expand the spaces, develop our production lines and add new lines. With the availability of qualified technical  personnel, we were, with the help  of Allah, able to overcome all the difficulties.

In 1976 outlets for the sale of spare parts for refrigerators were established.
1980 witnessed the beginning of manufacturing key parts for refrigerators.
1985 the beginning of manufacturing industrial water chillers and central airconditioning units.
1990 started the production of domestic  refrigerators  (Al WAHA) and split air conditioners (Alaska).
2000 witnessed the establishment of branches in a number of Arab countries. 
In 2000 because we got Iso 9001 (international quality certification) from TUV Company of Germany.
In 2007 we were one of the first companies to apply the quality continued improvement systems, KAIZEN & 5S, under supervision by JICA experts.

Out of our trust in the quality of our products, we participated in local andinternational fairs, and have got many awards and certificates of appreciation.

Infrastructure and Manufacturing Centers:

The Group has three major plants in the key provinces:

Darnascuus: Al Hafez for Mechanical Industries
Homs: Al Waha and Alaska
Aleppo: Hafez Engineering Industries
Currently, a plant is being established in Egypt.

Locations of Shops: 

The Group has 20 sale centers scattered in the Syrian govemorates  and in the neighboring countries.

Studies Division: 

In the field of air conditioning and refrigeration industry, Al Hafez Group is, indisputably, the largest engineering supplier and supporter.  Our experienceis distinguished in the process-driven industries, ranging from pharmaceutical,plastic, chemical and textile industries.

Every product we make is subject to dear-cut quality characteristics. These standards are set out in data protocols, which have been developed from the very process of testing and monitoring. Strict quality management is an integral part of the way we work, both in the procurement and conservation of raw materials and the control of all stages of manuf­ acturing, testing and packaging, conservation and delivery.

Quality Management Division:

The policy of quality of Al-Hafez Group depends on:
1. The provision of outstanding quality products that satisfy the requirements of the customer and the specifications.
2. Maintaining the application of the requirements of quality system lSO900l: 2000
3. Continued development orientation in all areas of work.
4. Maintaining the pioneer position in the manufacture/supply of air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Maintenance and service Division:

We pride ourselves on providing unmatched personal attention to our customers. As a service only, Al Hafez Group is keenly aware that continued success dependson the ability to provide  superb  service  at the lowest possible  rate in the shortest  span of time.

We also offer customized design services in all phases  of our operations.We offer a standard preventive maintenance plan to ensure that your project, system and air conditioning unit ... is always running at maximum efficiency. Every new customer is important to us and we aim to provide you with the same level of service whether you are buying  a small-conditioning  unit or a large central installation.