Evaporators - HKM



This rang of unit cooler is divided into two  specific designs in order to maximize the benefits available to the user depending on the size application of the product the HKS models cover a capacity range from 1.1 – 9.5 kw  whilst the HKM models have a capacity range of 5.5 – 26.5 kw. Both ranges have a pleasing aesthetic design together with many technical and practical advantages, including air straightened fan guards to enhance air throw all the cooler are constructed from a robust steel external casing which permits bottom lifting with the drain pan fitted together with a unique method of positioning the drain pan once the unit has been located on ceiling .2 metric  fin spacing are available as standard , these are 8mm,6mm,5mm and 4mm assuring the user of the optimum selection whatever the application another major consideration in the development of this fin design was to minimize the refrigerant charge this range of cooler was designed with energy conservation in mind and the combined effect of the new fin design the low refrigerant change and the fan and motor selection results in a very low power requirement. the fin design minimizes defrost demands – thereby reducing compressor running time the range is designed for use down to -30°C evaporating temperature.

Fabricated galvanized sheet steel panels are assembled to form a rigid structure. The coil is supported via the coil end plates and the coil base plate through to the hanger brackets ensuring that the coolers are mounted flush to the ceiling. This feature has the benefits of improving the hygiene standard by limiting the opportunities for growth and distribution of harmful bacteria. The drain pans manufactured from galvanized sheet steel and have a slot in the back flange which permits them to sit on the rigid coil base for lifting and then dropping into an operating position once the fork life has been removed the end cover have keyhole slots punched in four corners to permit easy removal . A further benefit is end panel can be secured on tow retaining screws using periods of internal access.

Corrosion Protection
The rigid case structure is fabricated from galvanized sheet steel. Paint is the external surface in the modern electrostatic powder paint plant then baked and cured at 180°C ensuring an even, flexible and durable finish.

Standard (Cu/AI) coils are manufactured from 12mm OD, copper tube mechanically expanded into aluminum fins. The fins have metric spacing’s 8mm, 6mm, these equate approximately to 3, 4, 5 and 6 FPI respectively. All coils are tested to 35.8bar.

Coil Option
Copper tube with aluminum fins Cu/A Multi sectioned coils – coils circuited for glycol – coils circuited for water – pump circulated system opposite handing to that illustrated in the dimensions tables.

Distribution System
Good refrigerant distribution is essential to achieve a maximized and stable performance from any system the HKS and HKM cooler have been extensively tested to find the ideal distribution system to operate over the wide range of conditions expended HKS10 (8,6mm) and HKS20 (8,6mm only) can be used with an internally equalized TEV all other units must use externally equalized TEVs

Fan and Motors
HKS models with 350mm IP54 fans   HKM models with 450mm, ip54 fans EC fans -Air streamer – to extend the air throw of the standard 4mm fan set (option)
- fan guard a guard system to prevent accidental damage from forklift trucks or similar or when sitting the cooler at low    level
- axial fans external motor for significantly increased air throw or for external pressure of 120pa.
- Heavy electric defrost comprises additional coil block heaters to increase the total defrost load by approximately 40%
- Fan plate heaters to prevent fan blade contact with frost build up at low temperatures (option)

Defrost Options
Both the HKS and the HKM ranges are available with defrost t options,  HKS&HKM standard electric defrost balanced 3 phase electric defrost (except KS10-KS25) HKS heavy duty electric defrost the HKS&HKM hot gas defrost types A,B,C&O hot gas coil electric drain pan types ‘A’ defrost and electric pan are stocked items ; all other gas defrosts will be supplied on a made to order basis.

Quantity Assurance
HAFCO is certified company from TUV CERT – 9001 which is the highest quality assurance qualification currently available covering performance testing manufacturing system and inspection procedures.