Air Handling Units



Tradition and innovation

Safety is an indispensable factor when you are considering climate control for your rooms. Whether you are looking for air-conditioning in offices or banks, climate control in sensitive hospital wards, a process climate for IT and production areas or to meet clean room requirements.


The quality and reliability of any HAU Air Handling Unit depends on the quality of the components, therefore in line with our rigorous quality management and selection of the best suppliers, we offer you the highest quality Units. Each unit can have designed-in flexibility to adapt to your exact requirements. This capability provides you the best overall total value based upon life expectancy functionality, energy efficiency and service ability. HAU Air Handling Unit designs incorporate many engineering and performance features which maximized equipment up-time and the additional benefit of reduced equipment energy and maintenance costs. the staff of factory applies innovative approaches and tried-and tested expertise to provide customer needs' solutions in line with the constantly increasing demands of the market place. Well thought out all embracing solutions, from the original idea to advice, planning, development and production, tight through to assembly and maintenance. Modern, state of the art production plants and consistently applied quality management under DIN EN ISO 9001 :2000 guarantee a recognized quality standard for our products. "Just-in-time" delivery included.