Package Units


Basic Unit
The basic unit shall be fabricated out of 1mm galvanized steel or above. The fan motor shall be easily removable for serviceability. A terminal box with terminal strip shall be provided for terminating the wiring.
On ceiling concealed units with plenum, the filter shall be easily removable from either side or the back.

Coils shall be made out of 3/8 inch or 9.52mm OD copper tubes. Aluminum fins shall be 0.115mm thick and the coil shall have maximum spacing of 2.3mm between the fins. The coil shall be pressure tested to 2.5MPa (For a working pressure of 1600 kPa) and dehydrated before assembly. A manual air vent shall be provided on top of the coil. The coil assembly shall be protected on the side on which piping is to be fitted with a cover made of G1 sheet. The metal sheet below the coil shall be powder coated to avoid corrosion.
Black Epoxy coated fins shall be available as an option.

Motors shall be 3 speeds, permanent split capacitor type with Thermal overload protection. Motors shall have permanently lubricated ball bearings. The motors shall have a class B insulation. Standard motor shall be IP20 is totally available on request. Total enclosed motors shall be available on request (option). Motors shall be protected by an internal overload that is UL Certified component.

Fans shall be centrifugal direct-drive, forward curved type. Fan wheel shall be statically and dynamically balanced.

Terminal Box
All units shall be provided with factory installed terminal box with the fan motor wired to the box. Drain Pan shall be die-formed steel, sloped to the piping connection, which will be threaded for easy

Drain Pan
connection. Internal surface shall be pained with anti-corrosive paint. The drain pan shall be insulated below the closed cell formed insulation (that complies with B5476 part 6 to class 1 requirements).
Manufacturer shall have a test facility to verify the air flow rate at specified external static pressure on all

three speeds.
It shall also be possible to verify the cooling capacity with water flow rates and temperature shown in the product guide. Verification of airflow and capacities shall be option available at a declared cost. The manufacturing process should have a certified ISO 9000 quality plan.