Cooling Towers


Water is the most used fluid to evacuate heat generated in machines, water cooled chiller, oil refineries  ,chemical plants, power stations, and food processing plants. An open circuit cooling tower is a counter flow heat exchanger cooling the water by direct cont tact with the air. Cooling Towers are used to reject heat to the atmosphere.
Cooling Towers represent a cheap way of removing heat from the hot water by forcing ambient air. The make-up water is used to replenish water lost to evaporation. Hot water from heat exchanger is sent to the Cooling Towers; the water is cooled and sent back to the heat exchanger. The HGCT series of centrifugal fan metallic towers has, constantly been updated and improved, based on the experience of a large number of units which have been operating in a variety of conditions and climates. Our research and development laboratory, equipped with modern testing and measuring equipment, was the starting point for the design of this line of cooling towers. The HGCT comprises 25 models that exactly match the needs of the most different air conditioning, refrigeration and process systems. Centrifugal fans, all placed at one side of the unit, allow a very quiet operation. As the overall dimensions are very important both for transport and installation cost, they have been carefully considered in designing this line. The maximum width of all the models is such that no special transport or permits are needed. Moreover, with nominal capacity up to 2320 Kw, do not need any assembling operation at site, which reduces installation costs and limits danger for inconveniences. Particular care has been taken for the protection against atmospheric corrosion; hot dip galvanized steel is used and special painting cycles have been formulated to give further protection to the galvanized steel parts.

HGCT forced draft centrifugal Cooling Towers made by Al-Hafez Group are characterized by the following:

Very Quiet Operation:
Double inlet forwardly curved centrifugal type blower of hot-dip galvanized construction, selected for low revolution offering a quiet and vibration free operation centrifugal fan unit provide an independently low noise characteristic operation. Which makes this design proffered for most installations requiring low sound levels and this is achieved by oversized capacity to allow low total pressure and slow rotation speeds with very low sound level. This leads to a very low power consumption of the fan motor. The special fills selected for the HGCT line, with its low resistance to air flow, Does not require a high static pressure performance from the fan, which can therefore be-operate acted at low R.P.M. This is the basis of the exact ceptional quiet running characteristic of the HGCT Series and of the durability of their moving parts.

The modern machinery of our factory allows high quality fabrication. Each unit, aerodynamically and hydraulically tested, by incorporating the fan section in the unit base. This reduces the overall plan area and improves the structural rigidity. Also, This facilitates transportation and installation of the HGCT range.

Because of the pressure characteristics of centrifugal fans, HGCT Cooling Towers are suitable for installation not only outside, but within a building where the inlet and discharge must be ducted. For open air installation, the vertical discharge of the unit eliminates the problem of the effect that wind direction might have on the tower performance.

The steel structure of the HGCT Cooling Towers is protected against atmospheric corrosion by the use of hot dipped galvanized steel. The motor and drive arrangement are located within the unit to afford maximum protection against the weather.

Modular Conception:
The modular design of the HGCT line (1 to 12 fans), allows a very wide range of capacities and large number of models. Each specific duty can be exactly met with the proper size of the Cooling tower is According to the technical selection, the Cooling Towers will have a suitable number of modules (up to 6), and will be equipped with same number of fans. Unique standard height for HGCT without option is 2,57 meter.

Low Freight Cost:
Designed to limit the transportation cost, which is an important item of the total cost. The larger models width is within the allowed dimensions of 1.7m, most models are container compatible.